Man In The Middle Part 1: Introduction

Posted on November 6, 2011


With my flatmates, a friendly war started. A kind of capture the flag, where the flag is posting a comment with a hijacked Facebook session. I first started with my defence and I came up with the obvious that a Man In The Middle (MITM) will be attempt.

A MITM is an active eavesdropping attack where, in a communication between two devices A and B, the attacker deceive A by pretending he is B. This means whenever A wants to send a message to be, it actually sent it to the attacker who read the message then forward it to B in order to make the communication still working. The attacker can read all the content of the communication including mails, images and passwords.

In most of LAN configurations, all communications go through a gateway (e.g. the router-switch). This means each connection between within the LAN is first sent to the gateway, then the gateway forwards it to the proper device. That’s why most of MITM attack is between a gateway and a device in the LAN.

This tutorial will be split in several parts to provide all bases for understanding MITM:

This tutorial about MITM may take times since I’m working on my master thesis, and I can’t dedicate that much time on this blog, but I’ll try to work as often as possible.

Hope you will enjoy it!

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